How to use MATLAB and COMSOL on the cluster

You can launch COMSOL or MATLAB on the cluster from everywhere as long as you can access internet.
Open cygwin and keyin:

ssh -X11 yourCCID@masternode.eche.ualberta.ca
qsub -l nodes=1,walltime=20:00:00 -I


Remember the number of the node, in this case node14.

Open the other cygwin and start XWin by using "startx"

ssh -Y CCID@masternode.eche.ualberta.ca
ssh nodeN



image image

Cygwin -- Run linux application on Winodws




Install or updatenow!


Read this if you want to install ssh server on Winodws XP.  It is very useful to tunnel tcp applications under the
ssh protocol.

How to install OpenSSH     <-- This document contains all you need to know.

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